In 2015, Detroit Wayne County Health Authority (DWCHA) began to go by the name of “AuthorityHealth”, which was previously a teaching health center program that it developed, and then turned into the primary model for how they serve the community of Detroit. Their mission is to coordinate efforts to improve population health of residents of the City of Detroit and Wayne County by assuring access to care.
This was the third annual report that I worked on for DWCHA, and was the first to carry the newly rebranded AuthorityHealth logo and brand implementation. The theme of this report focused on collaboration among the different groups in Detroit as well as the State of Population Health in Detroit.
Since collaboration brings to mind creativity and problem solving, I chose a flat style illustration theme for the graphics, adapting and recreating stock illustrations to interpret and complement the narrative sections of the report, and outside/inside covers.
I updated the color palette and typefaces to match the AuthorityHealth rebranded guidelines, and illustrated graphs for the report data throughout. I treated the narrative section of the report like magazine layouts, with bold imagery and a less structured layout. For the information section, I followed a consistent grid, and incorporated sidebars to accommodate supplementary shorter articles. Like the previous annual reports that I worked on for AuthorityHealth, I ran press checks when this report went to production, making sure that the color, registration and content looked correct before printing.
The client was very pleased with the report and presented it to their annual board meeting. We ended up carrying over the visuals and branding from the report to additional promotional materials related to the event, and adapted it for future promotional items.
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