Beaumont Health Foundation, whose goal is to raise new and ongoing support from donors to Beaumont Health, so they may sustain programs and enhance services provided throughout the eight Beaumont hospitals as well as outpatient facilities and number of community and school-based clinics.
In 2018, Beaumont Health Foundation needed us to redesign a short four page newsletter that would be mailed out periodically to recent donors, featuring a handful of articles showing the impact of donors’ gifts, as well as upcoming fundraising events. A previous newsletter design that another designer had started was not on brand and did not meet our client’s satisfaction. They needed this newsletter to complement the branding of an already existing newsletter that is mailed to prospective donors, which is ultimately inline with the overall Beaumont Health brand. This newsletter started as a self mailer, but ended up needing to be mailed in a complementary oversized envelope.
As the designer, I incorporated the content from the previous newsletter, but created a layout that was visually related to their larger donor newsletter. I followed the same typography hierarchy as that newsletter, as well as used a simple color palette to achieve an easily readable layout. I also created a main article lead-in for the front page, so that the reader would naturally continue on to page 2 and onward.
I also designed a simple two color oversized mailing envelope in line with the Beaumont brand that featured an attention catching snipe related to the overall theme of the newsletter.
Our client was pleased with the rebranded newsletter, and continues to mail them out to appropriate donors. 
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