Presbyterian Villages of Michigan (PVM), a faith-based, non-profit, multi-site system offering a wide variety of residential living options and home and community based services for seniors since 1945.
PVM had developed several lifestyle and information videos for their multiple locations over the years, and in 2017 they had finished a series of updated videos featuring PVM staff and client testimonials. They wanted to create a section on their website where we could house all the videos, but realized that hosting them on a dedicated YouTube channel and embedding on their site would be best. They also needed to produce animated voiceover intros and outros featuring contact information for the appropriate locations featured in the video, as a way to increase interest in their services. Instead of going to a big voice-over/video agency for the visuals, PVM asked us to do our best with the project. They asked us to create and curate a dedicated PVM YouTube channel where we could upload the final videos once they were finished.
I volunteered to work on this project, and we purchased a microphone specifically to record the different voiceovers that were needed. I built a DIY vocal booth and wrote, recorded and edited the various voiceovers in Adobe Audition. Since PVM has 30+ locations, we developed a grid of intro/outro voiceovers appropriate for each video that mentioned the location, services offered and contact information.
After the voiceovers were approved, I used Adobe After Effects to adapt prebuilt intro and outro motion graphics to feature the PVM logo. I also used Adobe Premiere Pro to add the intros and outros, voiceover audio and background audio tracks.
Once I finished ‘wrapping’ all of their existing videos (more than 50 videos), I exported them to final media files that I uploaded to their YouTube channel. 
We then embedded the videos on PVM's website on a separate video page.
After finishing the videos, we developed a monthly HTML email campaign that featured the newly wrapped videos and was sent out to PVM staff, residents and their family members. The goal was to highlight different PVM Villages and their services, and to drive traffic back to the PVM website.
Here is one of the “wrapped” videos that we edited.
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