Kadima Mental Health Services, an agency that provides comprehensive residential, therapeutic and social services to people in their community with mental health needs.  
After I redesigned their logo, Kadima approached us in early 2016 to design and build a new website that would reinforce their new identity and display the range of services that they offer to people with mental health needs. Since they are a nonprofit agency, the bulk of their revenue comes from donations, as well as at the several fundraising events they hold throughout the year. A main goal of the site was to be able to create online registration forms for these events, where attendees can easily sign up for paid registration and sponsorships. Since their previous website was created several years prior, it was not mobile friendly. This new website needed to be responsive across different devices. 
I designed wireframes for the site, as well as full color mockups for the home page and secondary pages, with layouts for desktop view vs. tablet and mobile view. Since I knew I would be building this in Bootstrap framework, I designed the site on a grid that translated to Bootstrap format from the start. Once approved, I built the template in Adobe Dreamweaver CC using HTML, CSS and Javascript, utilizing code that allowed certain sections to be visible or hidden depending on the device view as well as homepage vs. secondary page view. I also built the backend of the site with Joomla CMS, building out the menu structure and pages for the whole site, as well as installing and configuring the plugins and modules used for different sections of the website such as displaying photo galleries, banner rotators, etc. I managed the population of content for the new site, filling in with content from the previous site and adding content for the new pages.
To achieve the most functionality with creating registration forms for fundraising events and general contact or donation, I set up a Formstack account and built the separate forms, integrating their payment processor and configuring notification/submission emails. Once completed, I embedded the forms on the site where appropriate, and linked to others for events and donation. Whenever the client launched a new fundraiser, I created a new form for it. I tested the site across different web browsers and allowed our client to check for outstanding bugs or areas where content needed to be corrected. Once the site was finished and ready to launch, I assisted with updating the DNS of the site so the URL would point to the new site. Since the website launch in 2016, I have continued to handle content management and update of the Joomla CMS, as well as add and configure Formstack forms as necessary. I’ve also trained Kadima employees to be able to handle some aspects of content management. 
Since the new website has launched, Kadima has increased in brand recognition and expanded the services they offer, as well as the types of fundraising events and information events they offer to the community. We continue to have a good relationship with Kadima and work closely with them to create new registration forms and content as needed for their website.
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