CARE House of Oakland County, a children’s advocacy center, provides first rate services to victims of child abuse and neglect. Based in Pontiac, Michigan, CARE House serves the residents of Oakland County Michigan by offering all of their programs at no cost to their clients.
In 2015, one of our longtime clients, CARE House of Oakland County, wanted to update the look and layout of their website to be more current as well as responsive across various device views. We had built their previous website, so the challenge was updating the site with existing content and adapting it to a new template and responsive grid. They also wanted to be able to handle some of the content management of the site themselves once it was finished.
I designed the layout of the website, based on Bootstrap responsive grid, adapting CARE House brand colors and typography. I also created artwork for the banner rotator at the top of the site. After our client approved the layout, I built the template in Adobe Dreamweaver CC using HTML, CSS and Javascript, utilizing code that allowed certain sections to be visible or hidden depending on the device view as well as homepage vs. secondary page view. I built the backend of the site with Joomla CMS, building out the menu structure and pages for the whole site. I also installed and configured the plugins and modules used for different sections of the website such as displaying photo galleries, banner rotators and building out a password protected section to house employee accessible documents and applications. I managed the population of content for the new site, filling in with content from the previous site and adding content for the new pages.
Our client was pleased with the website redesign, and I was able to train some of their employees to handle most of the content management. Two years after we rebuilt the site, CARE House updated their logo and branding, and asked us to update the website template to match visually. I edited the style sheets to match their new brand colors and typeface, and replaced logos and images as appropriate.
They have a website that they are able to update for new information on upcoming fundraising events and community training. I also added the functionality of creating forms and embedding them on specific pages for fundraising campaigns.
View their website here:
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