Center for Structural Heart Disease at Henry Ford Hospital who offers comprehensive care with a compassionate touch for people with heart valve disease and other diseases affecting structures of the heart.
The goal was to lay out the 2017 Outcomes Report for the Center for Structural Heart Disease at Henry Ford Hospital, following their existing format of 6" x 10" saddle-stitched booklet, but incorporating the latest outcomes and data from 2017. The report includes featured transplant stories, as well as shows the results of various heart transplant procedures.
Using the copy and data provided to me by the client, I laid out the text and placed appropriate photos for feature stories. I also illustrated several graphs using the outcomes data, and completed the overall layout and design of the complete report. Once the client approved the report, I managed the formatting and packaging of final files and sent them to the printer.
Our client was pleased with the report and we have continued to work with them on subsequent outcomes reports.
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