AuthorityHealth (formerly Detroit Wayne County Health Authority). Their mission is to coordinate efforts to improve population health of residents of the City of Detroit and Wayne County by assuring access to care.
This was the latest report that I worked on for AuthorityHealth, for their annual Community Report. The client wanted the visuals to accompany the focus of the report, which was the negative impact of water shutoffs in Detroit. My first idea was to develop a main cover image that would reference the visual aesthetic of 1960s/70s civil rights era poster design, incorporating bold sans serif typography and simple color fields with stark graphic imagery. The client wanted to tie in the idea of water disparity and how it affected all types of people in Detroit, so I included imagery that fit within this theme. I also adapted the illustration of running water in the background to merge with a silhouette of the Detroit skyline. I continued the water and front cover visuals throughout the report.
This is the sixth report that I’ve worked on for them, but the first where I had more of an art director role in the project. While I designed the main visuals, illustrations and theme of the report, a fellow designer did much of the content layout and flow of images. I also illustrated the graphs and charts, and filled in the final sections and got approval from the client to go to print. As I did for previous report projects, I oversaw press checks once it went into production.
The client was pleased with the report, and we printed enough for their annual health forum. We also carried the visual theme on to additional promotional materials for the health forum and other items.
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